JOB SUMMARY: To set up molds, start up production, sample existing molds, troubleshoot any and all associated problems, and help maintain all tools in working condition through Preventative Maintenance Program. Perform limited duties in sampling new molds or machines.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Duties include the following. Other duties may also be assigned.

1. Review the production schedule together with shift supervisor at the beginning of the shift.

2. Performs set up, mold change over and in production preventative maintenance.

3. Completes the start up documentation according to PP-PM 7.1.5 Submission notification form

4. Notify Material handler at start up / shut down regarding issue or returning material (resin, colorant, inserts etc.).

5. Assign scrap bins, production bins and conveyor equipment as required for production.

6. Performs setups and startups of auxiliary equipment such as needed, such as pad printing machines, Drilling/Reaming etc.

7. Cleans work area, machines, and equipment as required at completed start up.

8. Provide the mold book and equipment required for production (lamps, gauges etc.)

9. Documents and maintains accurate documentation for molds, process sheets, etc. in the mold book.

10. Notifies the shift supervisor or Management if the mold, machine or production equipment is not capable to meet the quoted cycle time or part quality as required.

11. Start up and trouble shoot machines down by mold protection alarm according to PP-PM 7.5-12 Alarm Notice

12. Investigates malfunction of machines and equipment to determine need for corrective action.

13. Samples new, inherited, transfer and or special project tools per applicable quality operating procedures.

14. Operates industrial lift truck and gantry to convey molds to and from machine, moves material and products.

15. Locates, retrieves, and transports molds as required for in-plant use or repair shop pickup and drop-off.

16. Performs and assists with maintenance and machine repair on a need basis.

17. Recommends measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, and quality of products.

18. Takes active interest in the quality of products.

19. Takes an interest in the health and safety of the company.

20. Takes an active part in plant wide housekeeping.

21. Performs other routine duties as assigned.